Eiji Mori - Head of Sushi Roku Newport Beach

Eiji Mori

As executive general manager of Sushi Roku Newport Beach, Eiji Mori draws on extensive training in the traditional Japanese fermented drink sake and his own heritage to provide customers an authentic experience of contemporary Japanese cuisine. Under the umbrella of the Innovative Dining Group (IDG), this restaurant, based in Orange County, California, boasts an extensive array of dishes, from sushi to filet mignon with ginger teriyaki sauce. Eiji Mori offers a sake pairing for each meal, developing the restaurant's sake menu with a taste for complex aromas and flavors.

Prior to helping Sushi Roku Newport Beach get off the ground, Eiji Mori served as general manager at another IDG restaurant, the Katana Sushi and Robata Bar. In that position, he began studying sake and earned his diploma with recommendation from the Japanese Sake Service Institute and Kikisake-Shi Guild. With the title of sake sommelier, he became one of three experts at IDG's restaurants advising patrons regarding selection of sake.